Cracking An Egg…

I’ve admired the design of the Maschinen Krieger “Nutrocker”/”Nutcracker”, as well as the profile-similar “Sand Stalker” for years now. In fact, I even built a 1/76 Nutrocker a few years back.

In learning to “do more with less” (and noticing plastic Easter eggs in various places lately), it occurred to me that a half an Easter egg looks somewhat similar to the hull of the Nutrocker–it’s just a lot smaller.

So, while killing time on a phone call at the office the other day, I cut an Easter egg in half. Then I tried in vain to even the edges. Then, giving up on that, I started using CA glue to attach plastic strips to the outside of the egg. That also failed until I took a sanding stick to the surface of the egg–giving the glue something to grab on to.

Then I added a bent up paperclip for a front bumper. And, as I worked through the afternoon at that job, and then through the evening at one of my part-time jobs, I kept thinking of bits and pieces I could add on to make it better. I decided that I’d put together some bits and pieces from the spares bin and bring them in to work the next day to continue my hodge-podge-assembly.

At home, I grabbed some metal tape, various bits of Evergreen styrene, some wire, some bits from a tank kit, some bits from a ship kit, some bits from some sci-fi kits, some wire, some photo-etch, and some brass.

And then I stuck them all together. Considering the tools I had to work with were only the CA glue, an Xacto knife, a multi-tool, and scissors, the results are amateur, but I’m happy with them. I know I could have made this look a little better if I’d been doing this at home on the workbench, but that’s the point: I didn’t do this at home on the workbench. I did it over several lunch breaks. It’s not perfect. Far from it. But it’s coming along, and it’s really not too bad. Judge for yourself:

Thanks for taking the time to look and read.


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