Egg-Cracker: Complete

Well, my little workplace break project is complete. Now I’ll have to find something new to occupy my breaktimes.

To recap, I made this in the office, on my breaks, over the course of less than a week. Built from a plastic Easter egg, styrene, wire, metal tape, plastic bits, brass bits, a pin, and a paper clip. Tools used were limited to an Xacto knife, a 3/0 paint brush, CA glue, a sanding stick, and scissors. I could take it home and polish the look up a lot more, but that kind-of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

Photos were just taken using a blank piece of paper as a backdrop and my iPhone as a camera. The “display stand” was the top of a water bottle I hacked off with a pocket knife.

Here’s some in-progress paint shots:

I started out painting the whole thing in Testors (because that’s what I had in my desk at work) dark gray, then–based on someone’s suggestion–decided to give it the “dazzle” camo (a.k.a. “razzle dazzle”). This was a pattern used on ships, mostly prior to World War II to break up the visual pattern of the ship for potential attackers. By World War II, it was mostly useless. But it’s visually interesting, and I’ve used it on a Maschinen Krieger 1/76 “Nutrocker” before:

So after the dark gray, I started in on the pattern with the other available paints. First, the light gray (which, in the pictures, is way too close to the dark gray). Then, it was on to the dark tan–which (happily) comes out nearly brown. At least it’s some color. Then, I used the closest thing I had to black (USN Insignia Blue) to do some washes to try to bring out the detail. All of this with a 3/0 brush–which is kinda like trying to paint a portrait using a house-painting brush and the wrong colors. It can be done, but it’s going to have problems.

After the washes, I applied two decals, and then did another wash (these were really thin washes). After that, I took glossy white (because it was the only color in my desk drawer that I hadn’t used), looked at some images of WWII-era Russian tanks, and opted to paint the “39” with the white stripe on the turret. Then another wash. Then done. Then photos.

As models go, this isn’t even the best thing I’ve done this year. But it’s certainly the best thing I’ve ever made with such limited supplies. And easily the best thing I’ve made at work–so far.

Thanks for taking the time to read all this.


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