Daddy/Daughter Modeling: Tank Session # 3

As has been the custom for the last three weeks now, my 4 year old daughter and I spent an hour or so on Sunday morning working on our tanks. I finally added a little non-red color to mine, and she continues to amaze me with how well she applies paint…

Seriously, she’s four. And the paint is laid down flat. It’s not globbed up anywhere. Sure, her coverage isn’t 100%, but what she lacks in coverage she makes up for in technique. I’m very proud of what she’s doing here. If she ever gets motivated to paint something “accurately”, she may be a force to be reckoned with.

As for me, I’m doing a “Skittles of Death” scheme, it would seem. Loosely based on some of the camo I’ve seen on German tanks, but without the benefit(?) of checking references. In short, we’re just having fun and making models.


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