Sorry, I Need To Rant: About Roundabouts

Good news, if you live in Lincoln, Nebraska! The roundabout at 14th & Superior (pictured below–or after the jump) is now in the testing phase. I can’t decide if the city planners are dumber than a bag of hammers or just hate my housing development. Possibly both. Y’see… there were essentially three traffic routes in/out of our neighborhood. The city closed one of them last Fall. It’s still closed. The second one closes Saturday while they …put in another cursed roundabout. We were told this would only happen after the first closed route has been re-opened. Based on my last look, it’s going to be months before that one reopens. This only really leaves one route in and out of our neighborhood. I fully expect that, at some point, I’ll try to come home to find all three routes closed and no way to get to my house.
So, to the city planners–in their infinite wisdom–I would say this: I hope that when you go to buy coffee, it’s cold. I hope that when you go to buy soda, it’s hot. I hope your soup has flies and cat piss in it. I hope you steer into a bridge support. I hope someone high-fives you. In the face. With a chair. I hope someone sneaks around in the middle of the night and begins construction on a roundabout in your driveway, forcing you to seek an alternate route through your own backyard for months at a time. And then midway through the construction phase on your driveway, they decide to widen your backyard to four lanes, thus closing it down for a year and forcing you to drive on the sidewalk for three miles (in the wrong direction) before hopping on to a road.

Okay… that picture above is not the intersection I’m referring to. I just found it the other day on the internet. They did, however, take a busy stoplight intersection and completely close it to put in a two-lane roundabout. As a result of that, I’ve had to go about five miles out of my way every time I leave the house or come home. And, considering that right now I have one full-time and three part-time jobs, I come and go from my house pretty regularly.
It’s also cut off access to the following businesses that used to be just five minutes away: two drug stores, a hardware store, and a city library (yes, I know that’s not a “business”). Now they’re about 15 minutes away, and getting to them requires navigating through the ridiculous lane restrictions and road closures surrounding the new two-lane roundabout nightmare.
The city planners here have Roundabout Fever. It’s their magical Band-Aid for traffic management. Too many accidents at an intersection? Roundabout! Traffic flow is too heavy? Roundabout!! Need a reason to pad our budget for next year? Rounda-f%@ing-bout!!! Screw you, city planners. Screw you.

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