The Modeler’s Eye, a.k.a. The Referencial Treatment

Since taking up scale modeling again, I’ve started to look at the world around me a little differently. Now, on occasion, things in my environment will just strike me as unique and noteworthy in some way–I’ll see them as references for scale models. Oh sure, there’s the obvious references: Air shows, tanks on display in a city park, 0r a gathering of hot rods at the local Culvers.

What really catches my eye is the less obvious insprations: The structures, the buildings, the rust. This doesn’t make me special in any way–I know many modelers do this–but this blog has always been intended to be an amateur modeling blog for beginners and amateurs like myself. So I think it’s worth pointing out where some of my ideas come from.

Let’s start with something that I’m going to be messing with very soon: A pumping station in southeast Nebraska:

It’s just so unique-looking! Immediately upon seeing it, I knew that I needed to snap some reference pictures.  Here’s another view:

This one gives me a better view of the interior of the shed. Expect to see something very similar to that pump station in a building very soon.

Next up, at the opposite end of the state, comes this worn-out building:

The different layers to the exterior… the broken windows… the cracked sidewalk… the weather-beaten paint… This is just a great all-around reference to me. I’d never want to tackle trying to re-create the building, but I may want to try re-creating the paint weathering. Or the wiring. Or any number of things I see in that picture.

Odds are that you’re carrying around a smartphone (or at least a cell phone with some sort of camera built-in) right now. If you see something that catches your eye, take a picture. You may not need it now, but at some point down the road–years later, when you least expect it–that picture may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Here’s just a couple more (bad) pictures I’ve snapped that I’ve either already drawn from, or will in the future…

Great rust reference:

Back-alley wiring:

As always, thanks for taking the time to read.


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