Addendum to Previous Post: WHY Use Molle…

As I mentioned previously, when writing “An Idiot’s Guide to EDC & MOLLE”, I am the “idiot” in question. As such, I forgot something relatively important in the introduction: Why use MOLLE at all? Why not just shove everything in your pack and be done with it, digging it out as needed? Simple: Organization and quick access.

By using MOLLE pouches, I keep things organized. My pens, etc., flash drives, small flip books, and small screwdrivers are in one consolidated place. Not rattling around and working their way to the bottom of my pack. By putting an IFAK in a MOLLE rip-away attachment, I can have all my meds and first aid supplies in my hands–organized–with the unhooking of one clasp and tearing the pouch from its Velcro.

These MOLLE pouches act like a mini-backpack hooked to your backpack. My pack is always within arm-length reach in a vehicle, so if I notice my phone going dead, or I need the headphones to make a hands-free call, I simply pop open the gadget pouch and grab what I need. It simplifies, organizes, and speeds up everything. That’s the “why”.

And everything I’ve learned has been through research, trial, and error. MOLLE pouches are pretty easy to come by. Most of them can be found for under $10 online. So I’ve bought some things that haven’t worked for my situation, and others that have worked very well. Hopefully, you can learn something from my free-wheeling spending on MOLLE gear.

Additional entries will have additional details. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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