An Idiot’s Guide to EDC & MOLLE: Frag Grenade Pouches

When trying to figure out what would serve me best for my EDC/MOLLE setup, I poked and prodded around the internet. I read a lot of product reviews, Googled endless images, and searched out phrases like “best molle pouches”. One of the things I read was that a frag grenade pouch was a good all-around pouch to have. So I ordered a couple. What I found is that they’re outstanding in one capacity, and not as useful as other pouches for nearly everything else.

The frag grenade pouch is a good sized small pouch: It’s two MOLLE straps wide, and about three “row” long. Roughly measured, the pouch itself is about 2.5″ wide, about 1.5″ deep, and about 3″ tall. Thereabouts. It’s well-suited for carrying something the size of an Altoids tin or slightly larger. It’s perfectly suited to carrying a pair of mini-binoculars. They’re something I don’t need that often, but when I do need them, I want them quickly.

I’ve also read about people using them for GPS units, airsoft grenades, or a number of other things. For that sort of thing, they’re probably perfect.  So, in summary, if what you’re looking to carry is between about 1 Altoids tin and 2 Altoids tins in size, then this is a good pouch. For smaller loose items, look at a more enclosed pouch, like the Condor i-Pouch.

As always, your mileage may vary.


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