Just Testing…

I had an issue trying to post from my phone yesterday, so I’m just seeing if I’ve got it figured out.   

Carry on…


What Was This Blog About? A Minor Shift In Focus

Yes, I still mess with scale modeling. Just not that often. Life, as they say, keeps getting in the way. That’s not a bad thing.

Anyways… My next few posts are going to have nothing to do with that. I’m going to talk about EDCs and the MOLLE system, for non-military, non-LEO folks. Don’t worry–I’m pretty thorough with my words. I’ll explain it all. In short, it’s going to be “An Idiot’s Guide to EDC & MOLLE”; and I’m going to be the idiot-in-question.

I’ve spent the better part of a year building out my EDCs (yes, multiple EDCs), with a lot of research, trial, and certainly some error. So… Hopefully there will be something you can learn from what I’ve done, and take away some knowledge that you can apply to your personal EDC, “bug-out bag” or whatever it is you’re hoping to do.

Stay tuned for more…

My Current EDC

I Make Bad Recasts

Waiting for putty to dry. If you saw how bad the recast I made was, you’d be amazed it looks this good.



A Messerschmitt can go “pew pew pew”, right?


Bandit Rocket Bike: Progress & Test-Fit Pictures

Four episodes of Farscape on Netflix and no playing of GTA means progress!





Bandit Rocket-Cycle

Here’s a test fit from a few days ago, before I started painting legs. Again, this is my 1/20 “Borderlands”-inspired build.


Still Plodding Along

I’m starting to pick up the pace a bit on modeling (which is still slower than molasses). Got a few irons in the proverbial fire. If I can’t figure out how to post pictures here from the iPhone, please take a moment to weed through my twitter feed to find some recent project pictures.



Hey! Figured it out! The “Borg” is a war gaming figure. The torso is a 1/20 pit crew figure soon to be turned into a Borderlands-style bandit.